Wobbly Knees

September 1, 2011

Whether they are a bit unsteady, unstable, or buckle it does not give one a feeling of confidence on their feet. 

My buckles can be so quick and forceful I would swear it is a backwards buckle.  My leg returning from the buckle or straightening is what I notice most.  I labeled them my knee knocks. 

Then I found that soft touch on my calves or knees could also trigger them.  A bit troubling but despite the trigger it was a matter of finding a way to manage it.  It would be wonderful if this turned into a symptom, which did not occur more than very sporadically. But as with any symptom first you need to assume it won’t as matter of safety, safety in this case means avoiding a fall.

When my knee knocks began I tested my legs thoroughly before every run.  When I say thoroughly I am not kidding you.  I had a variety of tests, which I still use when I am in doubt of my leg strength. What are my legs response to different foot landings and their response to foot landings with force? I stand on one-foot bend my knee and bring my body weight back up.  I do this several times on each leg.  I call them my one leg sort of squats.

I also test my leg response time.  Do I recover it quick enough to keep my footing, balance, and coordination?

My goal, ascertain if my legs had the strength to recover from my knee knock.  I also tested my legs during the run.  What were triggers, landing on my heel during a slow down, or running downhill when the force one leg bears is more than my body weight.  These are just two examples.  So I learn what to do, what to avoid, what to pay closer attention to as well as what will make the run feel more stable and comfortable. Read the rest of this entry »