Watching the Clock

August 28, 2011

Today as so many others I found myself watching the clock.  I keep myself busy; tinker, go out and about, then watch the clock.  I get away from myself and get around people. I smile, laugh, and make small talk.  I feel better.  Then I get in my car, no feel worse.  I’m back home tinkering again, watching the clock.   

Watching the clock tick by, I’ve been there done that. Now today I’m there doing it again. The pain is not much different today, no matter since my tolerance level is. Read the rest of this entry »

Hello Friends

July 30, 2011

What is this definition of running hurdles?

It is running past and over the barriers of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a physically disabling disease. 

Running over the hurdles, the hills and down the valleys. 

Yes, and I do run. 

I was athletic prior to my MS diagnosis.  Running was a passion.  I am happy to say it still is!

MS attacked my legs first. Sometimes I believe it takes what is nearest and dearest to your heart. 

It had left me near unable to walk a couple times the first two years.  Each of those times I questioned if I would continue to walk much less run.  My legs surprised me I have to say.  I have learned since not to give up confidence in them too quickly.  I have been, for the most part, steadily running the last few years.   I even made some ten-mile runs for a while.  While at the same time I managed to increase my speed.  I was as amazed as I am assuming you are.

I thought I lost running forever more than once.  I am fortunate I’ve been able to keep this passion in my life.  It has taken some creativity to say the least.  Learning new tricks is what I call it.  Learning new techniques and yes a lot of determination.

Is it harder? Yes.  But then so many things are now.  Walking is harder still.  Believe that one?  I never believed or claimed it made much sense.  But I blame this one on my body.  Really why blame myself?

I can’t neglect to mention I also had a passion for weight training prior to my diagnosis.  That began about the same time as the running passion.  I continue to do that too.  I find it very useful in keeping my body moving.  Muscle strength being so important this only added to my compulsion and drive to continue after my diagnosis.

Is that harder?  The same answer, yes.   Read the rest of this entry »