Rough Patches

August 24, 2011

Rough patches.  Nothing new to anyone struggling when they are faced with an attack (or flair-up) of old symptoms or the appearance of new.

My latest event, although not categorized as an attack or flair-up was a three-week severe pain cycle. If you do not know the kind you may have heard of someone who knows them well. This is the pain that leaves you unable to speak to your neurologist in a manner outside of simply “just help me” at the same time doing everything to will yourself from sobbing.

The first priority is how to get through it and get through it calmly.  There is born a whole new definition of calm.  You do the very best you can with that and frequently remind yourself you are only human yet feel like it requires no less than a superhuman. 

So I give myself credit where it is more than earned.  I was the superwoman who did get through it.  Give myself a deserved and again earned pat on the back.  I am thinking I should add a gold star to my journal for each of these cycles I passed, got through, even when in absence of the grace I strived for.

In general my exercise helps manage my pain.  For this I have always counted on and relied upon.  Reaching the exact formula for improvement in pain and the subsequent continued management is the key.  But this begs the question of what and how much exercise. Read the rest of this entry »